Beverage new product development

Beverage new product development is an exciting area to work in, allowing complete freedom of expression and creativity for the developer. It is also potentially the most difficult area to be successful in with a high percentage of developed products failing. At The Create Group, building on our Drinkcreate heritage, we ensure that the process of developing new beverage products is managed to deliver outstanding results.

New product development has its own tailored stage gate process to ensure a focused, timely and efficient project that delivers exactly the product imagined by our clients in their initial briefing. The process, as with everything we do, is designed to provide a practical approach to development with the client fully in control of the direction of the work guided by clear and easily understandable technical know-how. Using this process has enabled us to create a number of award-winning products for our clients.

For every product development, clients are invited to come to our offices for a workshop to discuss their vision and kick off the project. This is the first step in a process that includes:
  • Preliminary concept research
  • Materials and supply chain evaluation
  • Cost modelling and analysis
  • Multi stage product development funnelling process
  • Final product stress testing
  • Accelerated shelf life testing
  • Manufacturing process definition
  • Finished product documentation pack
At the end of the process clients leave with more than just a new product, they have everything they need to manufacture their brand to a consistent quality, a record of the development roadmap and a greater knowledge of the science and technology used to create their product. This level of information sharing and interaction is precisely why our clients come back again and again for new products and why they trust us for much more than just their formulation work.

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