Our facilities

The Create Group operates a fully equipped drinks development and testing laboratory at their main offices in the UK. As a totally independent company, our laboratory is able to offer the best available ingredients for you to evaluate in your products.

A team of Nutritionists, Food Technologists, Food Scientists and Quality controllers staff the laboratory and all our clients are invited to visit and see first-hand where their products will be developed and tested. We also have additional expertise available in Sports Science, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Microbiology.

During any product development work, we operate an open door policy, with clients encouraged to visit any time to review progress on their development, taste latest products and discuss their business plans. This policy is of course subject to confidentiality constraints as many of our developments are groundbreaking in their category.

Within the laboratory we are able to offer product development for every type of drink from water-based products, through to juice, carbonates, functional drinks, tea, coffee and chocolate. We handle dairy developments and powdered products and specialise in tea, coffee, sports drinks and natural low sugar development. We not only develop the recipes but also carry out full testing on the stability of recipes before releasing them to manufacturing trials.

To do this we have a wide range of capabilities including:
  • Access to ingredients from all the key suppliers and sourced from across the globe to meet client cost and marketing requirements.
  • Full quality testing equipment to measure and define product specifications ahead of up-scaling to manufacturing.
  • Accelerated testing facilities to rapidly measure ageing and the impact of daylight, enabling us to provide early indications of potential product issues during normal shelf life.
  • Bench scale replicas of many of the standard production and bottling processes used in manufacturing. Clients are only ever shown products after bench scale processing to ensure they are evaluating a realistically produced sample that replicates the final manufactured product.
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