Product feasibility studies

Sometimes it is just not possible to be sure that a new drinks product can be manufactured. This is because the ingredient combinations or processing requirements are too new to guarantee technical success. 

In these cases, where there is a risk of failure, rather than charge our clients fees for a full product development process, our preference is to guide them towards The Create Group undertaking a product feasibility study.

These product feasibility studies are low cost precursors to a full project and are intended to test whether a product concept is possible. Should the study prove that there is a route forward to manufacture a stable product then a portion of the cost of the study is offset against the full project fee.

There are two elements to a product feasibility study:
  1. A desktop element in which a search is conducted of published data and research relating to the ingredients or processes intended for use in the product. Within this the key interactions, benefits and drawbacks are reviewed and an opinion expressed on likelihood of success.
  2. Laboratory-based work to investigate and report on any stability or process issues. A report will be provided with key findings and recommendations.
As both elements of the work are brought together, results of the study are presented with consideration on how to achieve the primary goal or what the alternative options could be to deliver a similar style product.

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