Our approach

At The Create Group we believe in a different approach to typical consultancy, one in which the customer is fully integrated into the process and in control of the direction of their project. We set out to be friendly, approachable and practical and our offices have been designed to promote the relaxed atmosphere essential to the creativity necessary for excellence in product development, project definition and business ideas.

With excellence in mind, whilst we encourage fluidity of thinking and creativity in all our work, we manage this through well-defined stage-gate processes with a dedicated project manager for each client.

The project manager will ensure that each project is structured to provide:
  • A clearly defined project development process for all customers to understand, with clear review points.
  • Exploration of potential concept directions early in the process.
  • Embedded links within the process to manufacturing processes and packaging options for a complete delivered solution.
  • For formulation developments, ‘stress tested’ recipes with defined levels of resistance to manufacturing extremes.
  • Reporting to the level required for each project, be that full feasibility or Due Diligence studies or documentation for raw materials and product specifications.
In addition to the focus of purpose and clarity of progress this approach brings to projects, it also enables us to successfully and practically address the challenges faced working with start-ups where funds may be limited. Exposure to risk for these customers is managed by building up the complete project step-by-step from basic feasibility studies through advanced market and cost modelling before moving into product development, market testing and launch.

With a strong heritage of award winning products launched using this approach we are confident we can achieve success for your brand ideas.
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