Feasibility and business planning

Starting a new drinks business can be both exciting and daunting. In our experience, clients require feasibility studies and business plans either for their own peace of mind, to present to banks, to present to Boards for approval, or to help in raising capital from investors.

Many of our clients have come to us frustrated having spent months trying to obtain costs from equipment suppliers, contract manufacturers, packaging suppliers and distributors. Some have already started trying to contact beverage category buyers at the major retail multiples.

At The Create Group we have a different approach that will remove your frustrations. Although all projects are different, typically our feasibility and business planning process runs like this:
Stage 1: Free and no obligation meeting at our offices and laboratory in the UK
This will give us the opportunity to give you open and honest feedback on your ideas. We will sign an NDA so you can be assured of complete confidentiality.

Stage 2: Low cost outline feasibility study
We already know approximate costs of equipment, contract manufacturing, packaging and distribution. For a very low fee we will work with you to develop top level financial projections based on a number of different sales projections and manufacturing and distribution scenarios. This will tell you very quickly if your venture is something that you may wish to investigate in more detail.

Stage 3a: Detailed feasibility study
If you, your bank, your Board or your investors require more detail (they often do), we will support you by building detailed financial models based on a thorough assessment of the market and budget quotations from suppliers, manufacturers and suppliers. Our financial model templates and business plan styles have been approved by some of Europe’s leading financial institutions.

Stage 3b: Product formulation
It is common for us to formulate your beverage product in our UK laboratory concurrently whilst building the feasibility study. This gives you a greater level of financial accuracy because ingredients costs are known, keeps the excitement up and provides you with samples with which to test the market.

Stage 4: Business plan
If required, we will build on the feasibility study to include other important aspects of the business including, for example, brand strategy, factory concept designs, international expansion strategy and NPD strategy.
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